Integrated Performance Drilling Equipment

Every drilling project has challenges. Through STRATA Energy's Performance Drilling Equipment, we aim to overcome these common problems, with the goal to maximize profitability and minimize down time. We strive to offer safe and economical solutions that will allow you to get the most from every well.

In order to facilitate Performance Drilling, STRATA Energy designs, builds, and operates one of the most advanced equipment product lines in the world. Field-proven for unparalleled safety and reliability, every piece of STRATA Energy's equipment is fully-integrated for faster rig up/rig out and the best functionality.

Our drilling technology includes our 'fit for purpose' drilling Separation kits, Compression and Membrane Nitrogen packages, plus a complete line of supporting equipment such as our Rotating Control Devices, wireline retrievable floats, our data acquisition system, and other rental equipment.

At STRATA Energy, one single point of contact with our company means a seamless project flow from initial design to project execution, with no service or communication gaps or third party liability concerns. From an execution standpoint, it's how we deliver the superior results of Managed Pressure and Underbalanced Drilling to our clients.