Drilling Services

Sensitive formations, depleted reservoirs, and tight reservoirs all pose a challenge from exploitation and development perspectives. Performance Drilling is the application of modern drilling techniques used in difficult operational situations where traditional drilling techniques could be prohibitively costly - either in terms of upfront costs, lost time (NPT) or in terms of lost production due to formation or wellbore damage.

Underbalanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling are both Performance Drilling services offered by STRATA Energy. These alternative methods of drilling, where the wellbore pressure is maintained at equilibrium to or lower than the formation while drilling, can result in reduced overall drilling costs, increased ultimate recovery of your assets, and most likely an increased net present value for your project.

Underbalanced Drilling or Managed Pressure Drilling not only mitigates or eliminates the risk of formation damage, but also enables you to overcome several common drilling problems like lost circulation or differential sticking. These techniques can even allow you to evaluate your reservoir while drilling.

Through careful candidate selection, we can apply existing technologies to better improve your operations. This is what STRATA means by Performance Drilling.