Membrane Nitrogen & Compression Services

One of the key mandates of STRATA Energy Services is to support our clients with quality Membrane Nitrogen & Compression equipment that will meet their specific project requirements anywhere in the world. This includes minimizing transport costs, rig up/rig out time, and environmental footprint, while maximizing fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance.

STRATA Energy offers Membrane Nitrogen & Compression equipment that is capable of operating in ambient conditions ranging from -50C to over 55C. As pressure and volume requirements can differ from project to project we are capable of delivering up to 2000 scfm of nitrogen to a final discharge pressure of up to 5000 psi. We are also unique in the fact that our equipment can be arranged to be trailer mounted, oilfield skidded, or sea framed c/w four-point lift.

We continue to develop, support, and integrate our equipment and people to provide dependable Membrane Nitrogen & Compression products.
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