Managed Pressure Drilling

STRATA Energy has developed a strong focus on drilling optimization, and has expanded to meet a need for Managed Pressure Drilling. Many clients have identified target formations where the economics of conventional drilling are not favourable.

Factors affecting these economics may be one or more of the following:

  • Over pressured formations
  • Lost circulation zones
  • Well control issues
  • Reduced rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Multiple formations requiring complex mud systems

STRATA's Managed Pressure Drilling Program offers a safe and economical means of drilling without the high costs often associated with traditional Underbalanced Drilling operations while offering the safety benefits of a closed loop drilling system.

Where the benefits of Underbalanced Drilling are not applicable or economically feasible and the economics to drill conventionally become unrealistic due to low rate of penetration or mud loss, we’ve created ways of reducing drilling time to make the well more economic through the application of Managed Pressure Drilling technology.

STRATA Energy's new "fit for purpose" Drilling Recovery Kits offer the same safety and operational advantages of traditional Underbalanced Drilling packages on the market. However, the configuration of the STRATA Managed Pressure Drilling Recovery System has greatly reduced the number of loads, which means less mobilization costs and reduced rig up time, all without ever compromising safety.

STRATA Energy has spent considerable time addressing the potential limitations and hazards of Managed Pressure Drilling. This specialized service requires modified tripping procedures and STRATA Energy's specialized surface equipment to maintain well control and safety. These procedures have been developed with the Managed Pressure Drilling environment as the main directive.

Some concerns about application of MPD may include hole instability, well control issues, and some BHA considerations. Through careful pre-project planning, including a feasibility study performed with the client's drilling team, a program can be created without sacrificing safety or wellbore integrity. STRATA counts Managed Pressure Drilling as a key component of its Performance Drilling Services.