STRATA Push/Pull Machine

The STRATA Push/Pull Machine is available for rig floor snubbing in all live well applications. This unit can be installed in most drilling and workover rigs, and can be adapted to fit most rotary table bushing sizes or be supported from the BOP stack.

For these light snubbing services, the dual slip travelling assembly allows the STRATA Push/Pull Machine to control pipe movement into and out of the well, in pipe heavy and pipe light conditions. One pipe heavy slip and one pipe light slip are combined and installed in both the travelling and stationary position.

The STRATA Push/Pull Machine is also used to significantly improve ROP during the slide intervals of shallow TVD extended reach horizontal wells, while increasing hole depth by as much as 1,000 feet over conventional methods.
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STRATA Push / Pull Machine Operation

STRATA Energy Services's Push Pull Machine (PPM) is designed as a
Drilling Rig & Work Over Rig, floor mounted, light snubbing unit for
live well applications.

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STRATA Push / Pull Machine (PPM) Operational Advantages

  • The PPM pipe slips are designed to handle tubular diameters from 2 3/8" (60mm) to a maximum coupling diameter of 7" (178mm), without changing dies.
  • Four independently operated slip assemblies are used for both pipe light and pipe heavy conditions.
  • An independent hydraulic power system.
  • Small footprint – allowing quick installation on any rig.
  • Allows use of all conventional pipe handling tools and equipment, including tongs.
  • The complete STRATA PPM is rigged in at floor level, with no above floor workbasket.
  • The power unit is spotted at ground level, away from the rig floor. The STRATA PPM is operated from a small control console located on the rig floor for better communication.
  • Small overall height – increases the net working height in the mast.
  • The STRATA PPM does not require any significant increase in pipe stump height (less than 1 ft. or 305mm).
  • The STRATA PPM is designed for quick installation and removal.