Environment, Health and Safety

Safety Management System Policy

The Safety Management System Policy that STRATA Energy holds establishes the foundation of our overall safety program. Of course, the requirements presented in our manual are minimum requirements, and do not replace applicable government regulations or customer safety policies. Through everyone's active participation in the Safety Management System, the company can protect our employees, our clients, the public, and the environment, safeguarding everyone involved against unnecessary losses.

At STRATA we recognize that there is a risk inherent in everything we do. We believe risks can be eliminated or mitigated through consistent application of sound management strategies, and that a ZERO loss workplace is achievable.

Environmental Policy

STRATA Energy Services is committed to conducting all operations with the highest degree of environmental sensitivity and in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.

While planning and conducting all operations, STRATA Energy Services will work at all times to protect the environment. STRATA Energy Services and all employees/contractors will conduct all operations in accordance with all environmental guidelines as well as applicable local, national, and international regulations. STRATA Energy Services acknowledges the requirements for compliance with all local, national and international regulatory standards for the safety and protection of all STRATA Energy Services employees, the public and the environment.

STRATA Energy Services is committed to a clean, healthy environment. We are committed to environmental excellence and continual improvement of our environmental management system. To achieve this, we will establish and maintain environmental objectives and targets in accordance to our environmental policy and meet the following principles:
  • Regulatory Compliance: STRATA Energy is committed to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other requirements that we subscribe to meet.
  • Prevention of Pollution: STRATA Energy is committed to prevention of pollution. We will minimize releases to the air, water, or land.
  • Energy and Natural Resources: STRATA Energy will strive to use energy and natural resources in an efficient manner, including re-use and recycle whenever possible.
  • Communications: STRATA Energy will communicate our environmental policy to our employees, vendors and customers.


Managing safety through OPTIC

STRATA Energy is committed to utmost safety. One of the ways to ensure the best in regulations and communication of those regulations is through OPTIC (Online Proactive Technology & Industry Compliance System).


OPTIC is an online service that allows STRATA Energy to globally manage our health, and safety, environmental, human resources, maintenance and quality control measures. STRATA Energy’s clients are also able to access under the client profile to view applicable HSE-related information.

The OPTIC system contains STRATA Energy’s HSE forms, incident reports, hazard identification reports, job hazard analysis’s (JHA’s), standard operating procedures (SOP’s), the company HSE manual, employee information, safety training, safety meetings, safety alerts, MSDS’s, legislative data, and an inventory of our equipment with all the applicable certifications. The system also tracks all action items, training requirements and expiry dates. It also tracks our MSDS’s expiry dates.

Certification & Memberships

ISN - Member          

ISN - Member

ISN is the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable vendors from capital-intensive industries. ISN collects and manages the HSE data from STRATA Energy for our clients that utilize the ISN network services. ISN collects safety, procurement, quality and suppliers, compiling the data into the largest database of its kind.
ComplyWorks - Member  

ComplyWorks - Member

ComplyWorks formerly Canadian HSE Registry is a company that compiles the health, safety and environmental prequalification needs of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry. STRATA Energy Services utilizes ComplyWorks to reduce risk and monitor and improve our health, safety and environmental indicators. This is achieved by the management of the prequalification process.
PEC Premier - Member  

PEC Premier - Member

PEC Premier is a US bases company that assists STRATA Energy with the management of the prequalification standards and aids in the compliance with regulatory standards. PEC Premier’s goal is to ensure that the clients have a high standard of health, safety and environmental awareness.

STRATA Anti-Corruption Code

STRATA Energy Services Inc. prohibits its officers and employee, and those of its branch offices and those related companies which it controls, from engaging in any form of corruption in relation to STRATA Energy Services’ business and affairs.

STRATA Energy Services Inc. will use all reasonable endeavors to conduct its business and affairs so as to ensure that it does not engage in or facilitate any form of corruption.

For a copy of the STRATA Anti-Corruption Code please click here

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

STRATA Energy Services has received certificate of recognition from both Alberta and British Columbia. This identifies that STRATA Energy Services has achieved a measureable level of safety recognized by the petroleum industry and Enform the certifying partner. To achieve the COR, STRATA Energy is subjected to an external safety audit, performed by a certified safety professional that has be granted the title of external auditor, by Enform – the oil and gas industries commitment to training and safety.

Other Association Certificates

  • Partnerships in Health & Safety, Certificate of Recognition -Alberta Human Resources and Employment
  • Guiding Principles For Worker Safety - Canadian Petroleum Safety Council
  • Member Participation - Safety Stand Down Week 
  • Drilling Contractor - Association of Drilling Contractors
  • CAODC Membership - Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
  • PSAC Membership - Petroleum Services Association of Canada