Complete Field Development

Your job is to maximize the value of your assets. Our job is to help you do just that. We believe careful candidate selection and upfront planning guarantees proper execution in the field, and that's why we offer qualitative analysis through our engineering services so that we can design a customized Performance Drilling program for individual reservoir characteristics.

There are two sides to every drilling equation: getting the most value out of your drilling operation and doing it with the greatest efficiency. Sometimes these are mutually exclusive; sometimes they're not. On every project there are various problems you can encounter: lost circulation, non-productive time, low rates of penetration, and so on. All of these things slow down your operation and cost money. Applying the technology of Performance Drilling is one way to speed things up and avoid problems before they occur, making it worth the cost of implementing such a system.

Performance Drilling is tailoring what you have on the lease to be exactly what is needed for that particular project, and to optimize the value of every project. Through our engineering and project management, we tailor our services to the precise needs of your individual project’s formations.

Within Performance Drilling you can use just a Rotating Control Device, or you can combine the device with separation to create a Managed Pressure Drilling package. Or take it one step further and combine a device, the separation system, and nitrogen compression for a full Underbalanced Drilling package. With proper assignment of facilities, our project management services can ensure you have exactly what you need for your project.

What makes STRATA Energy unique is that everything is fully integrated - designed, built, and operated by us, with all equipment working together and all employees familiar and trained on it. This makes for a seamless customized package specifically suited to your well’s needs.
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